ENJOUE is a 1981 Allmand 35 Pilot House (one of 15 built in the early 80's). For 2002 and 2003 she has been moored at Saylorville Lake near Des Moines, IA.

She made a 1400 mile trip from St. Pete to Des Moines in April of 2002; see the pictures of the crane putting her in the water below.
Here are a couple of tips if you are transporting or moving a boat:

Boat Moving Tip1: Everywhere we wrapped stuff with that Plastic wrap stuff (looks like Saran wrap but sold by Staples and office stores for 1000 feet - $10 a roll for 6" wide roll or $19 for 20" wide roll) it covered and held and protected the mast and all wrapped fittings from road grime, vibration & injury. We did not strip the mast, and the stuff protected it perfectly and saved time putting it up for travel
and for unwrapping at this end. We used this instead of duct tape. Wish I had used it on prior moves and hauling. I will keep it onboard in the future to immobilize anything that needs fastening or binding in a pinch. I put a strip of duct tape on top of it to secure it. ITS EASY TO WORK WITH AND ALMOST FUN.

Boat Moving Tip 2: We had to change the anchor lite fixture before launching upon unloading the mast from the truck. We tested it on the ground and it worked. We did not work all our halyards and blocks with lines in them while on the ground. WISH WE HAD DONE SO. The Main was frozen, but we did not realize that till we were in the water. Turned out to be a screw in the top plate had pinched into the end of the halyard on it pulley. It took a trip up the mast to fix that problem by pulling the offending screw and putting in a shorter one... Tip 2 is

The pictures on this front page of Enjoue at sail were taken in Sept 2003. (clicking on them will enlarge the pictures) See other pictures on the next page by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

ENJOUE has both cabin and cockpit linked steering and Morse controls of engine instruments. She has a 16,000 BTU dockside Air system, a huge refrigerator and a two burner stove with full oven, which is powered by Compressed Natural Gas. Some of the 35 Pilot Houses came originally with roller furling on the main and jib, but Enjoue has replaced the roller furler on its main.

Ed and Sue Kelly
Des Moines, IA 50312-1955