My boat is hull # 50, a 1980 Allmand 31. Its hailport was Old Saybrook, CT although I've moved so when I get to changing it it will be Guilford, CT. A few interesting statistics you might get a kick out of. The original rated sail area for a 31 was 461 sq. ft.. The tall rig like mine was 485. The Allmand 35 in your brochure shows a rated sail area of 550. The rated sail area for my modified rig is 605. The 35's mainsail hoist is 38.9 feet. My 34 has a full 40 feet. The I dimension for the 35 is 44.9 vs just over 46 on the 34. Length overall on the 35 is 34.75 feet (I think) vs just over 37 feet for my 34 (includes 3 feet of Shannon bowsprit). Waterline length per you is 29.58 feet for the 35 versus 31.83 for my 34. Compared to a 35, Camelot has 8% more waterline, 10% more sail area, and probably about 10% less weight although I am not sure of  the 35's displacement. Does this mean you'll have to create a new category? Allmand 34. My sail maker called it an Allmand/Reynolds. On the A symbol on the mainsail he put an R under the birds beak. I don't think its visible in the picture. Anyways its been fun customizing the Allmand. It says a lot about the way they are built that it could hold up with no negative side affects to so many changes. Over 10,000 miles since 1989 when I finished the new stern.
Let me know when the pictures are up. If there is any interest, I'll look for more. I know I took a bunch when I did the job including some showing a giant hole where the rudder and transom should have been.